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Training 01/22/2011

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Private Training:

Our private training is one on one based and allows for you you to get the most out of your training experience. All the training and movements are closely watched and corrected as needed. This is great for people who are wanting to start training but do not have a strong fitness background and would like to build a solid foundation to start training with. Within private training we have multiple options, We offer 30 and 60 minute sessions with varying levels of frequency. we recommend for those looking to get the best results or who are only training at Keola Bodyworks a Monday, Wednesday, Friday Schedule. For those who are new or training elsewhere we recommend are Tuesday, Thursday schedule. we always recommend a full day of recovery between training sessions due to the fact that we are doing functional movements that require large amounts of muscle groups to work at the same time.

30 Minute sessions:

The workout you want in the time you have, This is our most popular session show up, warm-up and go. Nonstop group of exercises that will leave you feeling as if you had done an hour.

60 Minute sessions:

This sessions included as full warm-up, followed by a personalized stretching session, and a workout and cool down. Great for beginners

Group Training:

Our group training sessions are great and budget friendly. We only allow 3 people into each group so you are still going to get great results and be moving better than ever. We offer two levels of groups

Orange Group: This is our base group we spend time learning new movements, talking about the hows and why of what we are doing. Workouts are scaled to every individuals capacity. This is a great class for people who are looking for a good workout and wanting to learn how to move better.

Red Group: This group is not for beginners and requires that movement standards be established. The difficulty of the workouts is greater than in the orange group and we are pushing our bodies to their physical limits.

to see a schedule of our group classes please click here.


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