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Rain Rain Go Away 06/01/2011

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Good morning and Happy June as I watch the weather and see rain in the forecast I think it is safe to say we all have had enough. I hope you all had a happy and restful Memorial day. Last week we seemed to get everyone back on track and then with the holiday on Monday we were all out of sorts so hopefully next week thing will be back to normal. Something new that does impact our evening clients is I will be working at Good Times Crossfit on Tuesdays and Friday nights so there will be no Tuesday or Friday Night training sessions. sorry for the inconvenience but I know that we will be able to work through it. I will still have Monday, Wednesday, Thursday available for training, and because i feel bad I will be opening up 2 Saturdays a month so that we can get everyone in. I thank you all in advance for the support and working with me while we transition to the new schedule. Thank you everyone for continuing to spread the work of Keola Bodyworks we are growing and as you all know the more we grow that better the facilities we are able to offer. Speaking of that we are still trying to work on getting the bigger unit but have hit a few hiccups with the landlord so lets all keep our fingers crossed and hopefully it will happen. Lets all have a great week of training get through the short week and be back to normal next week.  Lets keep training hard and giving our best efforts and always remember fitness is FUN and FUNCTIONAL


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