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Rest and recovery 06/05/2011

Filed under: BLOG — keolabodyworks @ 6:03 pm

As many of you noticed I was limping around all of last week and in a Good amount of pain, this I think is a perfect chance for me to talk about the importance of recovery we train hard and often are sore it is when the soreness continues for a prolonged period we must recognize injury. So now we know how to trouble shoot and realize injury. What to do after? well back to basics nothing better than ice and rest and repeat. This could be one night or one week only you know your body best. The one thing you can do is inform me of what you have going on and I will do my best to help you in your recover process to get you off the D.L. as fast as possible. Thank you everyone for a great week, remember I will not be training Tuesday and Friday nights I thank you all lets have a good week of training.


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