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Open House!!!!!! 07/24/2011

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We have finalized a Schedule please look for your name and times of your workouts. Nothing has changed we just want to make sure everything stays the same and we see every one on a regular basis. Thank you

Nola and Joe Monday and Thursdays 7-8am

Roger Monday and Friday 1-2pm

Karen F. Monday at 330-430pm, wednesday and thursday 4pm-5pm

Toni H. monday 430-5pm, wednesday 330-4pm, friday 730-8am

Steve B. Monday, wednesday, Friday 1130-1215pm

mariah G. Monday 530-6pm, Wednesday 6-630pm E.O. Fridays 9-930am

Karen G. Monday and friday 1215-1pm, wednesday 530-6pm

Alicia S. Wednesday and thursdays 530-6pm

DWR(Laura,Tim,ling, Dennis) Tuesday and thursday 12-1pm, Wednesday 1215-1pm

Thank you everyone I hope this helps We will also be have our second open house on August 16th bring friends and come show them our facilities here is a brief note I wrote the other day if you would like please forward it

Good Morning I hope everyone had a restful and rejuvenating weekend. I am writing this because due to recent events I understand that there are a few people that will soon be gym- less and looking for a new place to go. So I thought it would be a good time to evaluate the benefit of Keola Bodyworks. One of the first things I hear from new clients walking in the door is that they have been working out for some time and are no longer seeing results, and this has led to the loss of desire to attend the gym. This is never surprising to me because our bodies do not like routine, our mind yes our bodies no.  So while Monday back and biceps, Tuesday chest and triceps is easy to remember it is very ineffective.  So what are we about at Keola Bodyworks, at Keola bodyworks we believe our bodies are designed to be used, we think squatting and deadlifting are a necessary and important part of movement. We believe that workouts should be efficient and you shouldn’t have to spend 3 hours in the gym. We believe Fitness should be FUN and challenging and teach you to use your body to the utmost of it ability. We believe everyone could be getting more out of their workouts and need to be pushed and coached (even Olympic lifters and professional athletes have trainers why shouldn’t you?). For many the thought of a trainer sends dollar bill signs flying,we at Keola Bodyworks have a simple business plan, offer a good product at an affordable price, but what is the value of a Keola Bodyworks

1. Workouts that will allow you to keep getting stronger, leaner and improve general fitness level.

2. No waiting for equipment, we are not a gym we are a training facility you will never have to wait for a leg press machine here

3. Workouts with your friends and co-workers, we open groups for any group of 2-4 people

4. An Allie, a person who cares as much for your goals as you do

5. A safe place where you can learn new movements without feeling embarrassed or self-consciousness

For anyone who would like to try Keola Bodyworks we will be giving you the opportunity for the first 2 weeks of August (August 1-August 12) please call 388-4188 to sign-up for a class

Class times are

  1. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 6-7 AM
  2. Monday Through Friday 8-9 AM
  3. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 1-2 PM
  4. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 6:30-7:30 PM

Please call ahead of time to book your appointment and reserve your time slot class limit 4 per class


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