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Recovery? 12/31/2011

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Newton’s third law of motion states. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. What does this have to do with Keola Bodyworks you ask? Nothing but also everything, See here is the real deal; we are destroying our bodies’ every day. This is what we now refer to as our workouts. We come in we break down muscle fibers and we repeat the process this is how we get stronger. The side of this I want to talk about today is the recovery process. Our bodies are amazing machines that do tremendous things but it is very easy to push the body past its capabilities, when we do this to much we become over trained. Here is a quick definition of over trained;
Overtraining occurs when you push your body too hard and pass the point that your body is able to recover from. To make gains you must overload the muscles and then allow adequate time for recovery and growth by resting. Overtraining occurs when either the overload is too high, or the rest period aka recovery time is too low.
Some common signs of an over trained body include:
• The loss of coordination
• Decrease in the speed movement
• Poor concentration
• Learning difficulty
• Lack of energy and explosive force
• Loss of precision movement
• Character change: aggression, depression
• Insomnia
• Loss of appetite
• Feeling unmotivated and lacking energy
• Increased susceptibility to colds, sore throats and other illnesses
• Loss of enthusiasm for the sport
• A compulsive need to exercise
So how do we prevent over training simple rest and recover, much easier said than done. So let’s look at it like this “less is more” philosophy. Many people are under the impression that more is better, however this is often not the case when trying to gain muscle. To break this down and make it a little easier to understand, think of digging a hole, the time that you spend in the gym training is equivalent to digging a hole, the time your body needs after to recover from training is how long it takes to re-fill the hole, and piling a mound of dirt on top of the hole is growth of the muscle. So, you can pile extra dirt on top ONLY when the hole has been re-filled, which takes time! If you dig a hole that is too deep, it will take too long to re-fill… and there will be no time to place extra dirt on top… this means no muscle growth!! Training a body part 2 days in a row would be equivalent to digging one hole, and then continuing to dig the same hole even deeper the next day… you will never have the chance to pile any dirt on top which means you will never gain any muscle training like this…. In fact you are moving backwards, you will probably be losing muscle and almost certainly over training!
Okay I know I have been going on and on but I truly do want everyone to receive the best results possible and if we neglect recovery we are not going to see these results. This does not have to do solely with muscle and strength gains it also has to do with everything from weight loss to fighting sickness. A health body is always better than a broken down beat up body. I think in this situation the Yin and Yang symbol is a very good image to illustrate what I am trying to convey. Within the dark is light and within the light is darkness Think of training and recovery in this manner. This is why we have a recovery week we still move but we do not move weight so there is no external load place on our bodies. So please everyone let your bodies recover and become better. Our next recover week will be 1/22-1/28 so be prepared to be recovering on this week


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