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What’s your drive? 01/22/2012

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This morning is a very sad morning. I was awoken to the news of the passing of Joe Paterno. A little about Joe Paterno for those who are unfamiliar with him, Joe Paterno was head coach of the Penn State football program for 46 years in that time he managed to coach 548 games and win 409 of those, 2 national championships, 5 undefeated seasons, 29 finishes in the top 10, 24 bowl victories, the only coach to win each of the current four major bowls—Rose, Orange, Fiesta, and Sugar—as well as the Cotton Bowl Classic.

As impressive as these statistics are Joe Paterno was equally impressive as role model and Philanthropist. I got this from Wikipedia

“In addition to his legacy as a coach, Paterno is highly regarded for his contributions to academic life at Penn State. After the announcement of his hiring in 1966, Paterno set out to conduct what he called a “Grand Experiment” in melding athletics and academics in the collegiate environment, an idea that he had learned during his years at Brown.[64] As a result, Penn State’s players have consistently demonstrated above-average academic success compared to Division I-A schools nationwide. According to the NCAA‘s 2008 Graduation Rates Report, Penn State’s four-year Graduation Success Rate of 78% easily exceeds the 67% Division I average, second to only Northwestern among Big Ten institutions.[65]

Paterno is also renowned for his charitable contributions to academics at Penn State. He and his wife Sue have contributed over $4 million towards various departments and colleges, including support for the Penn State All-Sports Museum, which opened in 2002, and the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center, which opened in 2003.[66] After helping raise over $13.5 million in funds for the 1997 expansion of Pattee Library, the University named the expansion Paterno Library in their honor.[67]

 May Joe Paterno Rest in Pease

Recently I have noticed a large number of absentees across the gym, This to me is very frustrating and a bit heart breaking. Someone a long time ago told me the difference between a trainer and a good trainer is, a trainer will write your workout, a good trainer will care as much about your results and goals as much as you do. Maybe it is because I have come to care so much about everyone of you and I want to see you all be successful and reach all of your goals that it hurts so much when I receive the “I’m not going to make it in” text. I completely understand life and things come up but when this becomes a habit is when I have to say something about it. I only really ask two things out of each and every one of you #1 you show up, #2 you give the best effort that you are capable of, for #2 I think everyone gives a great effort but it is showing up where we are running in to some issues as of late. To achieve goals takes sacrifice and commitment, think back to your education days, did you want to attend every class, did you want to take every test, and did you want to stay in studding when everyone was going out? I am guessing not but you did it and look you all are more successful for that sacrifice. Yeah we all know I am a fitness nut, but do I really want to get up at 430am on Monday, Wednesday, and  Friday to train, Not really but it is a sacrifice I have to make to be able to squeeze in my work outs. Yes I too get sore just like all of you; however, I show up every time for all of my workouts. The days you are sore and think that you can’t make it in, you need to show up even more. We will work with you and figure out what you can do even if it’s just walking or rowing. Moving is good especially when you are sore. If you are signed up for once a week, twice a week, or three times a week, we expect you to show up each of those training days even if it’s to stretch. They say it takes 21 days to get in to a routine, so for everyday you miss you are messing up your routine. How important is your health to you? Remember it’s not about what the scale says it’s how you feel and how your health is. In our program we work on a 3 on 1 off method, here is a little as to why I have chosen this format, it is designed to allow for you to push your body to its limit knowing that there is a recovery at the end of the tunnel, so yes towards the end of week 3 your bodies should be feel broken down and tired but it is this adversity that makes us stronger and better prepared to take on any and every task. In this coming recovery week we are going to be doing a lot of stretching, foam rolling and light cardio. so be prepared to feel under-worked.

All I am simply doing is asking each and every one of you to look deep inside and ask yourself

what are my goals?

How much am I willing to sacrifice to achieve these goals?

I try and make myself as flexible as possible in order to see as many of you as I can, if you need to move session around to make it in I will personally do my best to make it so you can make it in, this is how much it means to me to see you all be successful. If I have to be at the gym until 9P.M every night I will do that. I am opening a Saturday class so if you have to come in on Saturdays we can do that too. I want you all to know we are writing this not out of anger but because we care so much for all of you and we want the best for you. we wish you all a good week. It is a recovery week so things will be light and easy.


Ben & Danette Mierzwak

Enjoy this video from one of my personal hero’s Blair Morrison

Keep your head up


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  1. Laura Says:

    Well said Benjamin- see you Tuesday & Thursday! Xoxo

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