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Shoes Shoes Shoes!!!! 04/01/2012

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Good morning everyone sorry about missing the blog last week the internet has been down so I had to find a spot that I could actually get internet.

An update on the move, things seem to be moving forward and our new equipment is starting to come in so fingers crossed I will be able to start my build out April15th and the grand opening date is tentatively set for May 1.

So today what I want to talk about is shoes, these are some of the most important purchases you can buy when it comes to your health. Your shoes are literally where the rubber meets to roads a pair of shoes that isn’t correct for you can lead to lower back pain, shin splints and various other injuries. As many of you know I test shoe for new balance and last month I received a pair of shoes that ended up causing me a great deal of lower back and knee pain. This is what got me thinking about the importance of proper shoes. I personally prefer a minimalist’s shoe that allows my foot to move naturally, this is what I feel is correct for my body. I know personally Steve purchased a pair of minimal shoes and has noticed his posture is better during his lifting and he feel that he is lifting through the heels and not the toes, exactly what we are looking for. Now I am not telling everyone to run out (ha ha ha no pun intended) and buy a new pair of shoe because you don’t have minimalist shoes but next time it comes time to buy new fitness shoe (every 3-6 months) consider them you may actually like how it feels to work out in a pair of shoes that feel like you don’t have shoes on. I found this article on barefoot running shoes if you would like to take the time to do some further reading.

Barefoot Running Shoes Are Causing a Revolution

Many experienced athletes are wearing barefoot running shoes for health reasons because they are tired of being incapacitated by foot and leg injuries. Many athletes are of the opinion that foot gear with lifted heels cause an imbalance that overtime, can cause a foot or leg injury. Lifted heels, many athletes think, can cause a lot of foot and ankle ailments including ligament strain and stress fractures.

There are a lot of benefits of jogging without traditional shoes. One of the most annoying injuries runners complain of is shin splints. This injury is manifested by sharp pain in the mid region of the shin and occurs because of overuse, and some say, because of the wearing of foot ware with lifted heels.

A shin splint injury can develop into a chronic injury needing surgery. Shin splints can be prevented by stretching before the work out and avoiding overly strenuous work outs. Icing the injury after a workout will relieve inflammation and help cut down pain and sensitivity.

An injury suffered by many athletes is runner’s knee which can cause severe pain and keep one off the track for an extended period of time. Poor foot mechanics is to blame for this injury as too are weak quadriceps muscles, and some believe lifted heels can cause knee weakness. If one feels pain in the hips, back, and feet, when squeezing above the knee then there is a chance that runner’s knee is the cause.

Plantar Fasciitis occurs in many instances when excessive pressure is placed on the heel of the foot and happens to those who are overweight, or to those who work for too long of a period. Some athletes are of the opinion that foot ware with raised heels can lead to tissue injury in the sole of the foot. This injury might need physical therapy to properly heal.

Achilles tendinitis is caused by tendon stress that builds up over time. An Achilles tendon injury is more serious than an ankle injury because the Achilles tendon is a short, fibrous, less than flexible tendon that takes a long time to heal if injured. Some athletes think that raised heels in traditional foot gear can cause an Achilles tendon injury.

A lot of experienced athletes are using barefoot running shoes for health reasons. Some people think that foot ware with lifted heels can cause a stress injury such as Achilles tendinitis. Those who use bare foot ware say they have more control and agility.

Some shoes I really like are

New Balance MX20


INOV-8 230


Nike free


Brooks pure connect


Reebok nano



One Response to “Shoes Shoes Shoes!!!!”

  1. Steve B. Says:

    Indeed…I bought the minimus and it makes a big difference for my lifting. I’d definitely recommend trying them…particularly if your hammies and glutes just don’t get sore enough. Haha.

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