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Awesome Job ladie 06/11/2012

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This weekend Karen F, Megan F. and, Danette took part in the HOPE fundraiser for st. Jude children’s hospital. All three of them did awesome they had perfect  movement and form didn’t break down as fatigue started to set in. All three did so good I can not express how proud I am of them it was great to start getting our members on the scene to experience workout with people outside of our gym. The next event we will be training for is Tactical strength challenge some time in the fall (3 attempts max deadlift, 1 attempt max pull-ups, 5 min AMRAP kb snatches). I would also like to thank Kristen and Ceasar for coming out and supporting Karen, Megan and, Danette.



2 Responses to “Awesome Job ladie”

  1. Laura Says:

    Congrats Danette! Nice job you guys. Xoxox

  2. Steve B. Says:

    Awesome. A good cause and sounds like some great work!

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