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Updates!!!! 11/14/2012

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Good Morning! We Hope everyone is gearing up for the holiday season, I know we are. We have a few updates for everyone.

1. Training clients-If you could please take a moment to answer our 10 question survey so we can get a better idea of what the gym is looking for as a whole to better provide the best service possible.

2. Our Holiday party will be held Tuesday December 11, 2012 from 530 until the beer runs out or until I am ready to go home. We will be have a bake off for those interested we will allow 10 contestants to make a baked good with some sort of alcohol product (beer bread, kahlua cake, ect.) a prize will be awarded.

3. We taking pre-orders on shirts, we will distribute them at our Holiday party. Shirts will be $15. Deposit Due by December 1st!

4. If you have any free time we have created a Yelp! Account and we have no reviews if you could just drop a few words saving why you love and or hate Keola Bodyworks that would be awesome.

5. In an effort to keep my sanity I will be taking the week between Christmas and new years off. Tuesday 12/25/2012- Tuesday 1/1/2013. Thank you in advanced for your understanding.

Workouts will continue Wednesday 1/2/2013


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