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Good, bad, and ugly 11/26/2012

Filed under: BLOG — keolabodyworks @ 9:48 am

We would like to congratulate Caesar Perez for his completion of the newbold challenge at the eatery. While I am not one to endorse overeating, I do believe in accepting a challenge and completing that challenge. He looked miserable at times but was able to finish the double Bacon cheese Burger, salad, and plate of disco fries in just over 51 minutes. I was there to witness the feast. At times he looked strong and at the end he looked as if he had gone 9 rounds with Rocky, pushing food from one side of the plate to the other just waiting for spot to open somewhere deep in his abdomen. In the end he conquered the challenge becoming the second individual to complete the challenge. We are very proud of Caesar congratulations once again. BTW his diet starts Today!!!




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