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A small laugh 12/06/2012

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we asked for some ways to improve our product and here is what we got please take a few moment to enjoy the humor.

By not charging me extra for Yoga. Otherwise, I have no reasonable complaints. Except for the lack of fans. Why are there no fans? OMG it’s soo fucking hot. Why won’t the air move? WHY??? Whoa, look down there at all those 4s turned into 7s in just a year! So badass! So amusingly arbitrary. Unfortunately, probably take another 2 years at the current pace to get o 8s. I’m ok with that. Seriously, don’t be charging me for no yogas. Unless I get to do it with like a live Panda. I’d totally be down with an extra $20/m if I could do yoga with a live panda. They’re safe right? Google google… yeah, I think if the panda was doing the yogas it’d probably be safe. It’s not like yoga would make it all bitey. A wolverine would be cooler, but I bet a wolverine would would start the yogas all peaceful then get hungry doing a downward facing dog and fuck the whole place right up. If there were like a safe viewing spot though, I might pay to watch the wolverine yoga. At least once for sure if it was people I didn’t like or didn’t know.

wolverine yogapanda yoga

Maybe someday we will find a panda to do some yoga but until then no Panda yoga. Have a great weekend everyone TGIF


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