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Treadmillin’= going nowhere fast 01/18/2013

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A theme is growing fast, and people are starting to learn. Thanks to my friends Camilo Guiterrez and Jovi Radtke for writing this great article.

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Losing Body Fat without Losing Hours and Hours to Cardio

The first thing you should have is a game plan. Think about why you’re focusing on body fat instead of overall fitness and strength. Contrary to popular belief, the use of the ever-popular treadmill, stair-master, and elliptical machines that have taken over every commercial gym does not have the same impact that you’re taught to believe. Sure, you’re burning calories. Sure, you’re burning fat. Sure, you’re getting sweaty and working your body. But, you could be doing so much more if you just combine your fierce cardio focus with a little bit of weight-training.
It’s proven that the human body will continue to burn more calories at a higher rate AFTER your strength training workout is complete than it does after a cardio only workout. While the cardio only workout might burn more calories during the actual workout session, your burn session stops there. With an average weight-training workout, your body will continue to work for you for at least 36 hours post-workout. This means your metabolic rate will stay increased 36 times longer than it took you to workout in the first place! Think about it like this: if you weight-train three days a week, ideally MWF, your metabolic rate resets almost at the exact point when it’s time to hit the weights again. Meaning, your body is always burning calories at an elevated rate. Meaning, your body will lose fat at a faster rate. Meaning, you only need to work hard three hours a week instead of two hours everyday on a stationary machine. Meaning, you get your hours back.
Now, don’t get me wrong, movement is movement and any movement is better than not moving at all, just be careful on what your primary focus is. If you want fat loss above anything else and have a deep love for cardio, then try combining it with a 30 minute weight-lifting session three days a week. You’ll be surprised with how quickly you see results. So much so, that I’m almost positive you’ll say goodbye to the machines and hello to the regained hours of your life.
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Additionally I found this cool article comparing sprinting vs jogging.
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Sprinting: Quick Results Jogging: Slow and Easy

Weight loss
Sprinting is a must do if you want to lose weight. This is because sprinting stimulates HGH (human growth hormones) and helps build lean muscle. This in turn increases metabolism and results in fat loss. Once your metabolism increases it stays that way for a long time and you will be able to burn fat even if you take a break from working out for a while.


Sprinting takes less time.You can do quick 100 meter or 50-meter sprints in 15 or 20 minutes. All you have to do is sprint (run as fast as your legs can take you) for 50 meters, walk till you get your breath back, then sprint again for 50 meters and so on. If you do 8 of these sprints your workout is taken care off.

Fat loss vs weight loss

Sprinting is a pure fat loss tool. Sprinting does not eat into your bones for weight loss, nor does it eat into muscle. In fact sprinting adds to bone density as well as lean muscle mass, and sprinters though they look lean probably weigh a lot more than they look.

Physical shape
A sprinters body will mostly be tight, athletic, toned, and lean. A sprinter mostly has flat tight abs and even female sprinters hardly have feminine curves, as their bodies are very athletic in order for them to run fast. A sprinter will always have sharp cuts and will come across muscular but lean. High bone density and lean muscle mass with very little body fat percentage makes up a sprinters body.

Weight loss

Jogging helps you lose weight too but relies on the calorie in – calorie out method. So if you eat food high in calories you can burn it off by jogging. But this would mean that you would have to continue jogging all your life to burn off what you have eaten. If you continue eating your regular diet and if you stop jogging you will gain weight.


To burn the same amount of calories, you will need to jog for a lot longer. At least 45 minutes in a day of jogging will burn similar calories as compared to 10 minutes of sprints (as fast as you can run), thrice a week.

Fat loss vs weight loss
Running slowly for a longer period of time is more of a weight loss tool. Jogging burns the calories that you have consumed and jogging for long periods of time eats into your lean muscle mass. Therefore jogging must be supplemented with weight training and yoga to ensure that your muscle is conserved.

Physical shape
A long distance runner or a daily jogger on the other hand may not have firm and taut bodies. Many runners, who are not professional, but run for the love of running, risk being skinny fat. A long distance runner will come across as thin but  may have higher percentage of body fat as compared to their weight because running depletes bone density and lean muscle mass. A jogger must therefore ensure that he or she supplements running with weight bearing exercises.

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  1. Laura Says:

    Perfect combo for me: M-W-F Keola weights
    Combined with Sunday-Tues-Thurs spin class cardio high intensity intervals! Plus eating Paleo and tracking via WW…. Result is 15 lbs down, Feel Stronger, more energy! The best!!!

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